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News Release News Report has launched " News Release" to let organizations to release news to the public, Jobs Free Listing, and Flee Market etc. IT IS FREE.
Biz: Mats/Color Printing Center
Rent: Virtual Gallery 
Biz: China-US Business Services
Biz :Seeking Investment
Biz: Agent Wanted
Biz: Bilingual Translation
On Sale: Candle Goods
On Sale: Landscape for Sale
On Sale: Domains 4 Sale !!
Whole Sale: Sandals
Ad:Teaching Chinese
Notice:Javits Center of New York Events
Notice:Calendar of Cultural Events
Notice:Queens Exhibitions
Jobs:New York Calendar of Career Events
Workshop: Event Postings for December
Complaint Center 
Health Care: Discounted Health Benefits
Protection -with self HIV tester
Notice:Kids Missing Protect-A-Kid
Finding People  Where is Corgy?

Joint Show;East /West Paintings Sale

 We Help Market Your Works Globally  
Solo Show: Paul Hartal

Solo Gallery for Rent
How to Apply﹖
Book Review:" The Cry of Wisdom"
West Meets East::An Interview with Paul Hartal by Davis Dai
Topic:Right of eating vs speaking
Topic:Are we slaves or masters of Sci/Tech?
Topic:Proud of Culture or proud of money?
Features:Public Digest
Poem: Love Prevails Over Hate
Poem: Peace of Mind Brings Peace of the World
Poem: Serenity
Poem: The Heavenly Vows
Poem: Songs in Memory of 911 Victims
Poem:Life’s Challenge’s
Peom: No-Home
Poem -The Gift of Life
Poem- Through A Child
Peom:"Wisdom Cries Out"
Peom:Repeating The Cycle
Photo Gallery -My Fovorite Celebriities
Book Review -"Goal"
Quotations--Albert Einstein
Quotations--Benjamin Franklin
Short Story -A Raining Night
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